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Make your next residential project stand out with fine furniture built by hand from extraordinary materials. Our expert team of designers and artisans is ready to collaborate with you at any stage of your project.

Whether bringing your own design for expert detailing and fabrication, seeking full-service custom design, or selecting from our inventory of finished pieces––Urban Hardwoods is committed to infusing your residential projects with an elevated materiality and style evolved from our high-end roots here in the Pacific Northwest. Together we’ll meet your objectives and exceed your clients’ expectations.

The Urban Hardwoods Difference

For more than 15 years, Urban Hardwoods has specialized in designing and building one-of-a-kind, luxury residential furniture that combines the tactile nature of genuine, natural materials and the solid quality of handmade craftsmanship. We offer furniture of exceptional beauty and long-lasting utility that will transform your next project.

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We firmly believe there's no substitute for the inspired relationship between a craftsman and his source materials. Our skilled and experienced team builds every piece by hand to bring out the authentic beauty of the natural material while adding a refined sensibility to expertly detailed and long-lasting products.

Local / Sustainable Sourcing

Sustainability is chief among our concerns as we seek to always respect the environment that provides us with such incredible source materials. Our locally salvaged wood is sourced from urban trees that are dying or have become hazardous, giving them a second life as unique finished pieces.

Extraordinary Materials

At Urban Hardwoods, our deep reverence for quality materials pushes us to select only those we feel are most inspired. That's because we design in response to our materials, allowing them to inform the fabrication process as we seek to highlight their distinct shapes, colors, and gains — resulting in furniture that can never be replicated.

Tailored to Your Needs

We offer several levels/degrees of customization, from built to order Executive Collection designs, to full-service custom projects, to finished pieces available in our inventory. We’ll collaborate on the details to produce a perfect piece for your client.

Elevated Materials for Refined Simplicity

Classic Urban Hardwoods

Classic UH represents our roots, more than 15 years building luxury residential furniture from exquisite wood. These one-of-a-kind pieces are designed to bring out the authentic beauty of the natural materials from which they are created. Transform your residential spaces with the refined aesthetic, expert craftsmanship, and focus on detail of our slab and solid-wood furniture.

One-of-a-Kind Pieces

Each Classic UH piece is sourced from the most exquisite materials and meticulously handcrafted for finished products that bring the warmth of refined natural materials to residential spaces. These one-of-a-kind salvaged wood pieces are available with a variety of our clean-lined bases.

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What Are You Working On?

Executive Collection

We designed the Executive Collection to bring residential style and details to contemporary commercial furniture. Our slab and solid-wood tables, ancillary products, and seating offer the same design and material sensibility our company has become known for, well suited to residential settings.

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Solid wood desk tops with integrated power.

Reveal Meeting Table

A solid wood tabletop with a natural reveal for power and data connection, cords channeled through the base.

Ellipse Work Table

A solid wood table with a chamfered edge. Cords can be routed through the steel pedestal base.

Bi-Fold Team Table

A solid wood communal table with options for cord management and a natural reveal.

Beveled Bench

A solid wood bench with metal details and comfortable angles.

Ready to Work

This collection offers fine furniture to contemporary residential spaces. Each piece comes with flexible, customizable solutions for power, video, data and cable management.

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Elevated Materiality

Materials & Finishes

At the heart of our design sensibility and the core of our company you’ll find a deep appreciation for materials. From salvaged urban hardwood to sourced lumber and recycled composites, our exquisite materials tell a story of timeless beauty and enduring quality.



We offer a variety of services to help our clients succeed with projects of any size. Leveraging our team's expertise hand-building furniture and our experience collaborating with designers allow us to offer a level of service unique in our industry.

Design Collaboration

We partner with designers to develop custom pieces based on their project vision and objectives. We are happy to provide input on client-designed furniture to problem solve, refine, and detail for fabrication.

Custom Support

To fulfill the needs each project, we can develop concept and shop drawings, provide material and finish samples, offer photos of materials and fabrication, or take you to view raw boards in our Seattle workshop.

Creative Solutions

Our creative problem solving extends to fabrication. Our team of expert woodworkers and metal fabricators will produce even challenging work with results that exceed expectations.

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