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July 17th - Eat, Drink, and Be Modern at the Modern Design Block Party

Jul 06, 2015


by Joseph McMicheal

Join Urban Hardwoods at the 7th annual Modern Design Block Party. We’ll be hosting, along with our talented neighbors in the Port 106 Block—fast becoming a hub for Seattle’s growing design community. There will be free food and beverages, games and prizes, and rare, behind-the-scenes tours of some of Seattle’s most innovative companies. Come see where our beautiful furniture comes to life, meet some of our craftsmen, and have a drink while you’re at it!

Event details:
2015 Modern Design Block Party
Friday July 17th
3-8 PM
Port 106 Block
4750 Ohio Ave S 
Seattle, Washington 98134

Participating businesses include:
Urban Hardwoods
Two Beers Brewery
Seattle Cider Company
Crucible Wines
Resolute Lighting
Lantern Press
3 Form
Rosichelli Design
Aria Style
Choice Linens
Resource 3 NW
Grand Image
Silver Cup Coffee
Tek Machining
Tom Bihn
Seattle Granite
Kelly Paper


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