Explore Custom Concepts and Meet the Artists at Urban Hardwoods

Posted on Oct 22, 2014

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Explore Custom Concepts and Meet the Artists at Urban Hardwoods

Oct 22, 2014


by Michael Bradbury


Come see the new wide-open gallery space at our open house and show Custom Concepts from 5 to 8 p.m. on Thursday October 23. Several wood artists will be on hand to celebrate the beauty and integrity of wood. Our team will also be there to answer any questions and get to know you better.

We will treat you to complimentary hors d’oeuvres and drinks as you explore the works of Ed Pretty, John Cobb and Warren Pope. They explore grain, color, density and the natural asymmetry of the wood. Our products are built with this same inspiration in mind.

Ed Pretty’s work is from the turningwood craft, where pieces are carved using rotational tools. He creates vases and bowls and many other brilliantly colored pieces from hardwoods. You can see examples at his online gallery.

In contrast to the colors and smooth edges of Pretty’s work, John Cobb likes to explore the rough and natural live edges that drive his pieces. His turningwood is all from salvaged pieces. He is a Bay Area artist who prides himself on using wood pieces frequently destined for the junk heap. See some examples at his gallery online. Cobb allows the frayed edges to become part of the final work.

Seattle artist Warren Pope brings much more radical and sculptural freedom to his work with wood, giving it bright paint and stretching canvas across it to make objects that stray far from typical vessels or vases. Pope’s work, some of it recently exhibited at Gallery Mack in Pike Place Market, explodes from the wall and climbs into fanciful forms that remind one of flowers or flights of butterflies.

The cool gray palette of our newly remodeled Seattle showroom with its wide open spaces allows you to see the warmth of all the wood creations in a better light.

Please RSVP to . And visit the Facebook event page here.


// Jan 27, 2015
Removing 4 Cedars, 1 spruce,1 douglas fir from a lot . Any interest in the wood. One of the cedars is good sized.
// May 05, 2015
i would like to meet Urban Hardwoods. Not exactly the creative response one might expect. After doing a lot of homework.
// Oct 13, 2015
Greeting from HK :-)Thanks so much for the post. I like 鳳凰女 and 鄧碧雲 so much. They are simply vireatsle artists. I love the acting of 鳳凰女 in 各位觀眾鳳凰女小姐 . Wondering if I could watch it again! A lot of childhood memories :-)Alle
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